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Othello with David Harewood | Preview

Preview: Season 2 Episode 4 | 34s

David Harewood was the first black actor to play Othello at London’s National Theatre, triumphantly taking on the role in 1997. Now he returns to the play to discover how the centuries have changed our views of it. A forensic psychiatrist helps to analyze Iago ( an extraordinary psychopath) and how he manipulates Othello by persuading him that his wife is having an affair.

Aired: 02/06/15

Rating: NR

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Which Play Captures Your Love Life?


Which Play Captures Your Love Life?

Whether romance, comedy or tragedy, the works of Shakespeare are timeless when it comes to human relationships. Many stories of love unrequited, love postponed and even love lost still resonate. Which play hits the nail on the head for your romantic life?

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